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Bat Removal In Franklin

Is your home or business suffering from a current bat infestation? Call Franklin’s premier bat removal service company right away! At Alpha Wildlife, we are a veteran owned and operated wildlife removal service company and we are proud to serve the greater Nashville, TN area with the highest quality bat removal services.

Our highly trained and seasoned bat removal team handles all possible aspects of the bat removal process. After we arrive at your home or business, we gather information about the bat infestation by performing comprehensive inspections on your residence to determine where the possible entry points are. We also track where bat activity is happening by noticing areas where there is guano (feces) present and then create a plan to rid your home or business of bats.

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Local Bat Control Experts

bat removal in TennesseeFollowing our creation of an effective plan to remove the bat population from your attic, our expert bat removal technicians will remove all bats from your home or business, clean up the bat guano left behind and sanitize the entire affected area with a special treatment, repair any damage caused by the bats and install measures to ensure your attic doesn’t become infested with bats again.

If you attempt to perform your own bat removal in your home, it may prove to be very difficult along with being extremely harmful because of a lack of education and skill in how to safely get rid of these creatures. Bats, even though they’re small creatures, sometimes carry incredibly harmful diseases like rabies, coronaviruses or histoplasmosis.

At Alpha Wildlife, our goal is to provide fast, effective and lasting solutions to your current bat infestation. If you’re experiencing a bat problem in your home or business, call the bat removal experts here at Alpha Wildlife right away!

Alpha Wildlife Provides Bat Services That Include:

  • Bat control in Franklin area
  • Bat removal in the Franklin area
  • Bat removal from attics in Franklin area
  • Bat guano disinfection
  • Bat odor neutralization
  • Bat exclusion services that prevent future bat infestations.

Bat Prevention Experts In Franklin

Make sure to choose the Franklin bat removal experts you can count on – Alpha Wildlife! To learn more about bat removal and prevention in the Franklin, TN area, follow us on Facebook or YouTube or call us at (615) 434-5331. Contact our bat control experts to learn more about bat infestation, behavior, diseases, damage & trapping.

We service surrounding areas including Antioch, Belle Meade, Bellevue, Brentwood, Clarksville, Franklin, Gallatin, Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, Madison, MurfreesboroSmyrna.


We had a terrible smell in our bathroom that we assumed was a dead animal. We needed help ASAP! We called and were able to get someone on the phone right away and they came out very quickly. They found the issue and were finished in less than 20 minutes! Excellent service! I would highly recommend.

Karen Anderson

Worked with us and helped us once we realized we had animals living in our attic. In total they removed 3 raccoons and 2 opossums. All the entry holes were sealed. Great service. I highly recommend.

Hila Pinch

I called Alpha Wildlife and within an hour they came out and took care of the issue in minutes with ease. They were very professional and had awesome customer service. I will be sure to recommend to everyone I know that might have unwanted guest in or around their home!

Darrius Johnson